Groups all around the country giving their time and energy to helping deaf or deafened people to genuine access.

Companies have compliance criteria, but for many deaf people, compliance is not enough. there is so much more. The power rests with those who need to experience the change.

We need to tell deaf people that they don’t need to accept exclusion, isolation, depression, debilitation.

Campaigns are not against anyone or any thing. People have the power, but they don’t know it. Campaigning for the excluded to come out of the shadows and proudly state that communications vital, but being withheld, albeit unknowingly. People who take their hearing for granted need to know that their communication abilities are vital, not just a ……contd.

Equipment manufacturers need to sell their products to be successful.

We encounter thousands of people using these products, so we get instant feedback. There is no magic pill, or ultimate solution. But there are some fairly far fetch claims attached to some of these prestige items.

Private hearing aids —– HOW MUCH?