Many people with hearing loss find following speech difficult.  Learning lipreading can help because certain speech sounds, which can often be difficult to hear, make good, identifiable, visible shapes.

In Lipreading classes you learn about the visible and less visible lipshapes, some useful communication tactics, and explore other topics related to coping with hearing loss.

Lipreading classes aim to be fun, relaxed, interesting and supportive. Lipreading, like many skills, takes time to learn, but can bring great benefits to the user, increasing confidence and encouraging independence.

Further details upon request – / 01323 722505.

Lipreading classes in Eastbourne

Mixed Ability classes at Eastbourne Hearing Resource Centre on Mondays from 10.30am to 12noon (term-time only). 8 week course costs £48 or £32 retired/unwaged. Please contact us for more information – / 01323 722505 / 07950 855580.

Lesson 127 January
Lesson 23 February
Lesson 310 February
Half Term – no classes – 17 February
Lesson 424 February
Lesson 52 March
Lesson 69 March
Lesson 716 March
Lesson 823 March

Lipreading classes in Uckfield – with tutor Barbara Harding

Mixed Ability classes at Uckfield Civic Centre, TN22 1AE on Mondays from 10.00am to 11.30am (term-time only). Please contact us for more information – / 01323 722505.

Lesson 113 January
Lesson 220 January
Lesson 327 January
Lesson 43 February
Lesson 510 February
Half Term – no classes – 17 February
Lesson 624 February
Lesson 72 March
Lesson 89 March
Lesson 916 March
Lesson 1023 March